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Increase Your Business Connections with the New Columbus Ohio Business Directory


Welcome to the upcoming new Columbus Ohio Business Directory, your local guide to enjoying - and showcasing - quality products and services for your personal and business needs.


Resolve to increase your business connections this year: The Ohio region supports a strong and diverse economy based on education, insurance, banking, fashion, defense, aviation, food, logistics, steel, energy, medical research, health care, hospitality, retail, and technology.


This guide is all about creating connections ó helping local businesses improve their visibility, reach and retention throughout the region, and ensuring that prospective customers can find those businesses, so that everyone can locate the quality products, services and partners they need.


Available online, on mobile apps and on self-updating CDs & USBs, the Columbus Ohio Business Directory is a dynamic, social-media enabled and searchable directory, designed to provide maximum visibility. We encourage you to use it as a connection to your next purchase or customer ó and we encourage you to reciprocate by doing business with fellow Ohioans.


The directory is distributed via our extensive network, reaching Ohio's private sector composed of over 900,000 employers, their millions of employees, and both local and non-local business people who turn to the Columbus Ohio Business Directory for information about doing business in the Ohio region. The directory is also open and freely accessible to the general public, ie the 11 million+ residents of Ohio State.


Learn more about advertising opportunities on this site. Or contact us for further information.



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